Moob, Rek, and Cay Corporation

              “Serving Our Own Interests Since 1945”

Welcome to the home of Moob, Rek, and Cay Incorporated, a thinly disguised front used for money laundering and illicit funding for the powerful and shadowy people who run things for the Great False God, Lord Yackerboom, piss be upon him.

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Started in 1945 by some out-of-work SS Obergruppenfuhrers. the Corporation has grown into one of the most evil conglomerates in existence, despite some very tough competitors for the title.

We are committed to being a pack of utter bastards, and to suing the living crap out of anybody who disobeys our directives.


                       We support free speech

We are proud members of -

The Corporate Cowboys Social Group

Communists Against Microsoft Compatability Telemetry

Neocondom Sponsor Club

Friends of the Cayman Islands

Combat Cadaver Collectors for Christ

National American Man Goat Love Association

National Demonicalcrat Committee

Join Bitch Society

Corporations Supporting Taxation Of The Little People

Bribery And Insider Trading Standards Board

Endangered Species Explotation Committee

Men With Designer Stubble Opposing Women With Designer Stubble

Minimum Wage Moratorium

The Justarse League Of America

Black Oily Entities Opposing Tasha Yar

Bring Back Oprahouse Windbag Movement

Don’t Bring Back Oprahouse Windbag Movement

Regime Changers For Jesus

Lesbian Pole Dancers Support Group

Profit For The Prophet - Making Jihadism Pay Inc

Papal Indulgences Bulk Buyers Club


*Committee Of Men Bullying Old Victorious Enthroned Republican


*Pathetic And Now Terminated Senator Utilising Insulting Tactics

Society For The Preservation Of The Ruling Elite

National Socialist Tiddlywinks Club

Friends Of Tapeworms

Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Us Arseholes

Imperialist Running Dogs Benevolent Society

Workers Are Jerkers Club

Neocons For Adopting The Cardassian Legal System

Association Of Fellow Travellers

The Corporate Cowboys - Genocide Generals Collective

Existential Threat Design And Manufacture Organisation

Drunk Driver Support Alliance

Obergruppenfuhrers Against Microsoft Compatability Telemetry

Goulish League Of Turd Watchers

Fascism For Fun And Profit - Mostly Profit

Honoured Citizens Of The Shitting City On The Hill

Red Line Crossers Sans Souci Organisation

Feminists For Male Domination

Browser Wars - Netscape Militia Survivors League

Movement To Bring Back The Mosaic Browser

Friends Of Sea Shanties

Supporting Promotion Of The ur-Lord To na-Mhoram-cro

Antarctic Nudists Supporting The Fur Trade

Neocons For Bringing Back The Old Testament God

Movement To Force Alexander’s Ragtime Band To Go Electric

Methane Breathers Supporting Illegal Settlements

Society Of Level Palindrome Supporters Of Notlob

Using Crowd Sourcing To End Crowd Sourcing

Spoonerisms For Pun And Frofit - Prostly Mofit

Movement To Blow Up The Troi Family

Corporations Channeling The United Fruit Company

The Openly Secret Oxymoron Fellowship

Friends Of Cantilever Bridges

National Socialists Against Microsoft Compatability Telemetry

Supporters Of Z⎏tl Clamping - Why Think For Yourself

Bajoran-Israeli Professional Victims League

Movement To Recognise Victorians As Real Proper Australians

Lance Corporals Of Industry

I Stink, Therefore I Spam

Clerks For Clerical-Fascism

Bouncers For Charm And Gentlemanly Conduct

Regime Changers Social League

Chocolate Icecream Eaters Against International Communism

Supporters Of Drag Queens With Goatee Beards

Bah Humbuggers Against Christmas

Raggity Hoes And Hootchie Mommas Against Microsoft Compatability Telemetry

Movement To Recognise "in this ever changing world in which we live in” As Good English

Friends Of The Darleks

Left Handed Redheads Against Half Empty Buckets

My Country Wrong Or Wrong Coalition

Friends Of The Letter U Against American English

Supporters Of The Letter Zed Making Zee Flee

Feminists Supporting Penis Envy

Movement To Have Mexico And Canada Share A Common Border

The Known Universe Against Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Politicians Who Hate Referenda As They Regard Themselves As Best Qualified To Make A Complete Pid’s Breakfast Of Everything

Racists Who Hate Going To The Races

People What Like Good Grammer

Microsoft Employees Against Compatability Telemetry

Bajorans Supporting Illegal Settlements On Cardassia

Self Hating Jubes Against Illegal Sentiments

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                                In Yackerboom We Thrust

© Brian Brett 2016